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Throughout 2018, Public Affairs Ireland have a had a successful year delivering our specialised training courses to the public sector. Here at PAI, with the help of our expert speakers and trainers, we have been hosting courses, seminars, update series and conferences to reflect the needs and interests of public sector professionals. Our courses always align with current legislative changes and developments to ensure that our clients receive up to date information. We strive to place the professional requirements of our delegates first, matching our training to their learning needs.

2018 Highlights

2018 has been an excellent year for Public Affairs Ireland, we were delighted to receive The Public Sector Times Excellence in Business Award 2018 for Excellence in Training Service for the second year in a row. We have hosted a number of different events, responding to legislative changes such as GDPR and topical issues including the Housing Crisis while also running our annual HR and Public Procurement Conferences. We also successfully launched a new series of CPD Compliance Conferences, aimed at professionals in the public sector and legal professions to provide mandatory CPD hours on subjects matters of direct relevance to these positions. All of our CPD certified training is available as an in-house option and we have experienced a great increase in popularity in this style of training. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.

2019 Schedule and Highlights  

Following on from 2018’s accomplishments, PAI have planned another year of training in response to current demands, including some new courses.  Our courses will be in the following subject areas: Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Legal, Regulatory and Public Policy, Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness and, Public Financial Management and Procurement. Collectively our events allow public sector professionals from a variety of different positions and organisations to attend the training they require to continue their life long learning and progress within their careers.

Some of the events which Public Affairs Ireland have organised for 2019 include:


On Thursday 31 January Public Affairs Ireland will host their Annual HR Conference. This conference is always an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to receive updates on topical HR issues and developments. This event will also provide attendees with an excellent platform for networking with other industry professionals.

To find out more about our Annual HR Conference, you can visit our dedicated webspace:

PAI’s Annual HR Conference


Seminars are the ideal style of training for an overview and introduction to a subject. PAI run a variety of seminars throughout the year and they are a perfect for those that wish to learn practical workplace methods and strengthen their skills. The seminars that we host focus not only on receiving new information but also provide guidance on workplace performance and wellbeing.

Some of our most popular seminars that we will be running in 2019 include:

Resilience and Well-Being Springboard: Wednesday 16 January

Workplace wellness is being recognised as something that is increasingly important for both the employee and the organisation as a whole. This course will provide attendees with guidance on how to become resilient to the everyday stresses and strains of the workplace. It will also discuss how you can personally contribute to creating a positive workplace culture within your own organisation. This course will be a great kick start to 2019, ensuring a positive and productive beginning.

For more information, or to book, click here: Resilience and Well-Being Springboard

Construction Procurement Masterclass- Getting it Right- Evaluating Tenders, Debrief Letters and Awarding Contracts: Friday 8 February  

Alongside our Annual Public Procurement Conferences, PAI regularly run procurement training. This breakfast briefing will be a practical information session focusing on evaluating tenders, drafting debrief letters and awarding contracts.

For more information, or to book, click here: Construction Procurement Masterclass

Writing for the Web: Friday 8 March

Do you have to write content online? More than likely you do! However, people read differently online, they scan for information and have shorter attention spans. As a result of this it has become highly important to be able to write for the web and online users. This seminar will give you the tips and tricks you need to make sure you can write content which will keep your readers attention, while quickly and clearly getting your organisation’s message across.

For more information, or to book, click here: Writing for the Web


As well as seminars, PAI also run a variety of courses. Our courses are designed for those that wish to gain skills that they can apply to their roles within their organisation. Courses allow delegates to increase their knowledge on a certain subject; this could be necessary for a new position or you may just want to strengthen your skill set. Some of the courses that PAI will host this year include:

Expenditure Management: 25 January, 1 & 8 February

Our three- day course in Expenditure Management is the perfect course for those that are tasked with handling financial procedures within the public sector. This practical based workshop will provide attendees with confidence to accurately complete core financial procedures that apply to the public sector.

For more information, or to book, click here:  Expenditure Management and Financial Management

Leadership: 30 January, 6 & 7 February

The role of a leader within the public sector is vital; leaders motivate staff and generate success for an organisation. Formal leadership training provides delegates with the opportunity to strengthen their managerial skills, while identifying their leadership style and qualities. It will enable leaders to discover their managerial strengths and also the areas they need to improve upon. This course is also excellent for anyone entering a new leadership role who wants to explore the qualities that make an excellent leader.

For more information, or to book, click here: Leadership

Freedom of Information Training: 24 & 25 January

As all government departments and offices must comply with the regulations of the Freedom of Information Act, it is highly important to both understand this Act and to know how to apply these regulations correctly. This course will provide an introduction to the main aspects of this legislation, providing attendees with informed knowledge which they can successfully apply within their roles.

For more information, or to book, click here: Freedom of Information


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