PAI’s courses in legal, regulatory and public policy matters ensure that attendees can improve and update their skills and knowledge in these areas. With learners needs in mind, Public Affairs Ireland effectively co-ordinate our courses and seminars to align with specific professional requirements and policy changes.

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Certificate in Corporate Governance

The “Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies” issued by the Department of Finance states that – High standards of corporate governance in all State Agencies, are critical to ensuring a positive contribution to the State’s economic efficiency and competitiveness. They are subject to more stringent obligations than private sector therefore it is important to ensure public sector bodies are adhering to these standards.

GDPR Essentials (Level 1)

This two-day course will look at the basics of the GDPR and what it means for organisations. Attendees will delve into the core concepts of the Regulation and how they differ from the current Data Protection regime. It will also look at the implications of GDPR on cross-border data sharing.

GDPR: Data Protection for Law Enforcement Functions (Level 1a)

Data-sharing is an essential element of law enforcement. This is true not only of the data-sharing between domestic organisations, but also the data-sharing between countries in the interest of international security. This two-day course will examine how the new Regulations will impact law enforcement practices.

GDPR Advanced (Level 2)

Frontline staff often have to deal with the most stressful and challenging situations involving customers and members of the public. Proper methods of dealing with these situations can improve the reputation of an organisation, as well as employee morale. This one-day workshop takes front-line staff through ways of handling tough situations and finding the best solution for the customer and the organisation.

Certificate in Employment Law

Public Affairs Ireland custom-built this programme to suit the needs of the attendees. The modules involved covered the main tenants of Employment Law in Ireland. While this course is specifically for those it was built for, a similar course can be adapted for your organisation.

Certificate in Freedom of Information

This course aims to equip Freedom of Information (FOI) officers with the skills, knowledge and competencies to be able to fulfill their role by taking a pragmatic approach and focusing on practical FOI tasks and essential law, rules and guidelines, as opposed to theory. 

Certificate in Policy Development, Legislative Drafting and Delivery

This three-day course provides practical guidance in understanding of policy development, the legislative process and legislative drafting. You will gain a keen understanding of how policy and legislation are made in Ireland while examining the role of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), looking at how legislation can be produced that is both effective and accessible.

Certificate in Public Law

The aim of this two day course is to provide public servants with the information and competencies in the area of public law so that they have the ability to fulfil their roles. It will take a practical approach, focusing on the key legal principles, and applying them to everyday situations. You will participate by way of group exercises and discussion in order to gain understanding.

Certificate in Regulatory Investigations, Inspections and Prosecutions

Where legal proceedings are involved, it is best to be aware of not only the legal and statutory obligations you must operate under, but also best practice in the field. This 2.5-day course takes attendees through preparation of evidence and reports, and taking and collating statements. Theory will be underpinned by demonstrations and practical work.

Courtroom Skills

There are many circumstances in which public sector employees are called to give evidence in a courtroom and the prospect can be daunting. This workshop will teach you how to present evidence and respond to questions under cross examination in an effective way. As a practical seminar you will learn to anticipate and deal with effective cross-examination to ensure that the evidence that you deliver is not unwittingly undermined or misinterpreted is a key requirement for any expert witness

Legal Discovery

Before a trial, any relevant documentation that is relevant to the case must be released for scrutiny by both parties involved. This process, legal discovery, can be an arduous task. As digital means of storing information develop, so too does the process of legal discovery. This workshop includes guidance on the latest changes in regulations regarding discovery.

Overview of Freedom of Information

A broad understanding of the principles and practices of Freedom of Information is invaluable to those working in public bodies. This half-day seminar takes a wide look at the legislation, the responsibilities of organisations in which FOI is applicable, and the practicalities of processing an FOI request.

Workplace Investigations

If you are in a leadership position, it is likely that you may have to undertake an investigation in your workplace to either refute or support claims or allegations made. Retaining your objectivity is key in conducting an investigation such as this. This workshop helps attendees look at situations without bias in order to bring about a solution to an issue.