HR and People Management courses are designed specifically for those that work in a HR position, have roles that are client focused and manage teams. Our HR courses allow attendees to improve their communication techniques, customer service skills and team leading abilities.

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Certificate in HR Management

This 3 day course focuses on the core proficiencies required by Human Resource professionals. The programme covers the main subjects in human resource management with a focus on the practical application of our course material. It looks at subjects including performance management, diversity policy, capability management and Strategic HR

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma helps you harness the full power of your team to maximise your results. This two-day Certificate course guides attendees through the principles and practices of this essential HR methodology to help you and your organisation cut down on wasted resources. This course is accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)

Conflict Management and Mediation Skills for Managers

Unresolved conflict can have a negative impact on the work environment. This conflict is often left unresolved because the necessary skills for resolution are lacking. This two-day Certificate programme takes a hands-on approach to teaching participants how to navigate and mediate in those situations to best aid their organisation. 

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Frontline staff often have to deal with the most stressful and challenging situations involving customers and members of the public. Proper methods of dealing with these situations can improve the reputation of an organisation, as well as employee morale. This one-day workshop takes frontline staff through ways of handling tough situations and finding the best solution for the customer and the organisation.

Industrial Relations Negotiations

More and more, there is a need for skilled negotiators for Industrial Relations issues. Whether you sit on the employer or the employee side of the table, being confident and competent can make a world of difference to the outcome. This one-day course will help attendees understand the negotiation process, and how to maximise their results at the table.

Interview Skills

Whether you are applying for a new role or promotion in the public sector, PAI can help you prepare for interview either by attending a one day course or by working on a one-to-one basis with an experience interview coach.  In the training course, participants will learn how to be successful at interview, with a particular focus on understanding how to best answer competency based interview questions. In the one-to-one coaching session, you can get advice on completing the application form or use the time to help you prepare for the interview

Managing Difficult Staff

Oftentimes, one of the biggest challenges a manager will encounter will come from their own staff. Personal issues, low morale or a poor team environment can all lead to employees that are under-productive or creating difficult situations. This workshop arms managers with the tools and skills to tackle these situations in a way that shows compassion and understanding, while still keeping in mind the needs of the organisation.

Managing Protected Disclosures

This half-day workshop will explore the legal obligations of individuals and organisations regarding the receiving, assessing and investigating protected disclosures. It will also look at the experience of a whistleblower, what may be expected of them and the rights they have.

Managing Under Performance

With the on-going developments to the PMDS system, and the continued challenge for managers to achieve more with less, the issue of under-performance (and the law underpinning it) is one that is subject to regular and extensive change. This workshop will give an overview of the law that covers employee underperformance and any developments in either the law or best practice in handling this sensitive issue.

Relationship Building and Effective Communications using DiSC©

DiSC© has long been used in HR to help managers and leaders harness innate behavioral preferences of their teams and others to produce better results. This one-day course includes the use of the DiSC© profiling tool can help attendees better understand their own behaviors and how they relate to others that they may interact with. Understanding peoples’ different natures will help create more productive and beneficial channels of communication.