Certificate in Advanced Expenditure Management

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Certificate in Public Expenditure and Financial Management

The aim of this course is to provide public sector employees with essential knowledge and skills in public financial procedures and control, and to build competence in important and essential aspects of financial management thereby enhancing their skill base in this area. The course is being prepared for accreditation by the Institute of Commercial Management.

Certificate in Public Procurement

PAI’s 8 day certificate programme provides learners with a comprehensive introduction to Strategic Public Procurement.

Delivered both live and online to public sector executives seeking to professionalize and enhance their knowledge of procurement law and strategy, our programme highlights the key part this profession plays in driving progress beyond the traditional pillars (value, quality, and transparency) and adopting new pillars such as strategic and green procurement.

Audit Skills

This program equips learners with the skills to serve on Audit or Risk Committees, covering accountability, assurance, internal audit, risk management, and governance requirements for State Bodies, including effective self-evaluation and report interpretation.

Finance for Non-Financial People

Finance for Non-Financials is a half day workshop which will help personnel in non-financial roles to understand the basics of financial accounting. It would also be of  benefit to people working in sections of finance, such as Creditors/Purchases, Payroll and Debtors/Sales etc. as it will inform them of where their section fits into the whole financial structure. This includes Income and Expenditure account/Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet.

It will improve the basic financial literacy of the relevant staff within your organisation or bodies under your remit.

Public Spending Code (Key Evaluation Tools for Infrastructure Guidelines)

The new Infrastructure Guidelines came into operation on 1 January 2024. They replace the previous Public Spending Code. The updating has been made to ensure that the arrangements for allocating, managing and reporting on the use of public funds, is as up to date as possible. There is a continuing focus on ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in government expenditure. In short, getting ‘value-for-money’.