Certificate in Public Procurement

PAI’s 8 day certificate programme provides learners with a comprehensive introduction to Strategic Public Procurement.

Delivered both live and online to public sector executives seeking to professionalize and enhance their knowledge of procurement law and strategy, our programme highlights the key part this profession plays in driving progress beyond the traditional pillars (value, quality, and transparency) and adopting new pillars such as strategic and green procurement.

Green Public Procurement

Join public networks and participate in the continual improvement of resource efficiency action plans, energy and environmental management systems. Measurably reduce environmental impacts using EU Green Public Procurement Guidelines

Capital Works Management Framework

The Capital Works Management Framework (“CWMF”) is a suite of standard form construction contracts, templates and guidance notes.  The strategic aims of the CWMF is to ensure greater cost certainty at contract award stage, to get better value for money at handover stage and to ensure more efficient end-user delivery

Certificate in Advanced Public Procurement

PAI’s Advanced Public Procurement training is a comprehensive programme of modules (delivered over 3 days) in support of procurement professionals operating with higher responsibilities in areas of complex public procurement.