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Public Affairs Ireland have an ethos of life long learning. The training that we provide focuses in particular on the needs of the public sector. It is highly important that public sector professionals keep informed on legislative changes. The constantly changing nature of legislation and regulations  is something which our clientele must follow while working in the public sector. To address this, Public Affairs Ireland host once-off sessions on legislative updates. PAI cover a range of different topics in their update series, ensuring that no matter what your position within the public sector or what area of legislation interests you, they will be a seminar that meets your needs. The two update seminars that took place at PAI this November were based on two particularly topical issues; data protection and digitization, and gender equality.

Update Series: Gender Equality in Ireland: A Progress Report on the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill 2017

On Friday 23rd of November, PAI hosted an update seminar on The Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017. This update seminar was led by Sharon Dillon-Lyons BL. Sharon discussed what the introduction of this Bill will mean for companies and organisations. The Bill will ensure that organisations of a certain size will be obliged to publish information on their male and female employees salaries. This bill is a positive step towards closing up the gender pay gap in Ireland, which currently exists at roughly 14%.

You read this Bill by clicking here 

Update Series: The Data Sharing and Governance Bill 2018

On Thursday 29th of November Dr Dennis Jennings and Dr Katherine O’Keefe led an update seminar on the Data Sharing and Governance Bill 2018. This bill has been introduced in order to allow for the sharing of data between public bodies. The speakers discussed the bill, detailing the main components while also examining and critiquing the possible consequences of this bill. With GDPR having come into effect in May 2018, public sector bodies must be more aware than ever of how they use the public’s data and what regulations surround this.

If you would like to find out more on the subject matter you can do so by reading Dr Dennis Jennings articles on the subject:

The Data Sharing and Governance Bill

The Data Sharing and Governance Bill #2

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