Dealing with Difficult Customers – One-Hour eLearning Programme


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The aim of this highly engaging eLearning Module is to equip the participant with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage difficult behaviours confidently and professionally. Participants will be given the tools, resources and knowhow to ensure positive communication with challenging individuals and understand the importance of early intervention in preventing escalation. They will learn techniques that will assist in diffusing potentially challenging situations. The eLearning Module is designed to advise and assist participants in dealing with difficult and challenging behaviours through effective efficient interactions.

Aims and Objectives of this Course

  • To understand where behaviour comes from
  • To help you choose a measured response rather than an emotional reaction
  • To heighten your communications skills for a positive engagement
  • To actively listening to understand the customer’s perspective
  • Managing Conflict
  • To provides you with techniques for managing difficult situations



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