Public Policy Making and Impact Assessment


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Public Policy Making and Impact Assessment

eLearning Course Overview

Making public policy is never easy. However, this Learning module helps to put policymaking in context. It outlines how policy is being formulated, who the main players are and what changes might improve the process. 

This involves many players, including participants with different roles, responsibilities, interests, concerns, and resources. It is important to appreciate the way policy issues are usually framed and managed.

Students are introduced to several tools that help the process. These include cost benefit analysis, multi criteria analysis, cost effectiveness analysis and impact assessments.

All these help decision-making but the most important ingredient in policymaking is common-sense.

And then there is the follow-up; the policy system must always include continuing monitoring, evaluation, and feedback.

Learning Objectives

Unit 1: The need to ask the right questions
Unit 2:  Public Policy versus Private Policy
Unit 3:  How to make Public Policies
Unit 4:  Key tools for Public Policy
Unit 5:  Impact Assessment (Ireland)
Unit 6:  Impact Assessment (EU)


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