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Alison McIntyre

The workforce, the workplace and the technologies used in Irish organisations are changing rapidly.  There is an increased focus on relationships with workers, customers and communities as businesses evolve into social enterprises. This article complements the Deloitte 2018 Global Human Capital Trends Report, which surveyed over 11,000 businesses and highlights the data results from three trends that are of particular importance to Irish public sector organisations.

People data

People data came in as the top trend for the Irish public sector.  Advances in technology have created opportunities unimaginable only a few years ago and today’s tools track many aspects of the employee experience and provide insights that can assist in strategic and tactical business decisions.  The arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) early in 2018 has influenced Irish citizens to become increasingly mindful about their personal data being requested, retained and used for the right reasons.  Public sector organisations can take action by involving both IT and HR stakeholders to develop a comprehensive people strategy and to ultimately respond appropriately by handling data in a respectful and transparent manner.

The symphonic C-Suite

As the business environment becomes more competitive and digital disruption continues, organisations have become more team-centric, networked and agile.  Rather than behave as independent C-level functional experts, the C-suites must now operate as a team.  This approach – “the symphonic C-Suite” would enable leaders to understand the many impacts that external forces have not just on their own functions but on the wider organisation.  At a time of increased digital disruption and emerging multi-faceted challenges, there needs to be even greater levels of collaboration in public sector leadership teams to facilitate the agility, coordination, and cross-functional project environment to respond effectively to these complexities.

From careers to experiences

The days of having a job for life with set roles and responsibilities are fading – fast. Rapid advancements in technologies and team-centred business models are challenging organisations to create new career models and experiences for their employees.  This is about creating true experiences beyond the traditional career path.  Companies leading in this space are finding ways for employees to learn from others as well as providing learning programmes and on the job trainings.  In Ireland, there is room for public sector organisations to explore new career models and understanding future skills requirements will be critical when planning attractive experience-oriented career offerings for top talent.

It is evident that top trends impacting the Irish public sector are of a social topic.  Public sector organisations can take action now and look to realign the way they work to match the needs of employees and society.

Alison McIntyre

Alison McIntyre is a Senior Consultant with Deloitte’s Human Capital Management team, specifically aligned to the Organisational Transformation & Talent service area.  Alison has over 4 years’ experience with the firm and began her career as a business technology analyst supporting Federal Health clients in Washington, D.C.  Alison moved to Dublin last May and is currently leading a change program for a global finance transformation program.

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