About our Interview Skills training

Are you applying for a promotion or a new role in the public sector? If so, you will be interested in attending either a one-to-one interview coaching session or participating in our Interview Skills for Interviewees training. Both are facilitated by an experienced public sector interviewer, who delivers both interview training and interview coaching specifically for public sector candidates.

Alternatively, if you are looking for training to be a public sector interviewer, you will find information about our Interview Skills for Interview Panel Members here.

Notably, our interview skills expert, Tina Kinirons, is a business psychologist with a wealth of experience on both sides of public sector interview tables. She has trained hundreds of public sector interviewers and has extensive experience working as an external interviewer. She has coached candidates to success in the civil service, local authorities  and public sector agencies.  You can find out more about Tina here.

Interview Skills for Interviewees – Training course

This one-day training course is suitable for public sector applicants and candidates. It will provide you with practical advice on preparing yourself for a public sector interview.

One-to-One Interview Coaching

Do you want some advice and guidance on writing the competency questions that are part of the application form? Would you like some input on writing your CV? Do you want some help in preparing for the interview? Would you prefer to work with our interview expert on a one-to-one basis? If so, you will be interested in attending an interview coaching session and work with our interview coach on a one-to-one basis for a one- or two-hour coaching session.

The main topics addressed during this training programme are:

  • Preparing your CV/Application form
  • The structure and format of a public sector interview, helping you to know what to expect
  • Preparing for the interview – advice on what to prepare and how to go about your interview preparation, as well as tips about handing interview nerves
  • Answering questions, best practise input on how to answer competency based questions and other questions
  • Practise answering interview questions
  • Discussion on what interviewers are focussed on during the interview and what influences the scores.

This course is highly interactive and practical and will give you the skills and confidence needed to be successful at interview.

If you want help completing your application form or CV, the coach will guide you on what will work on paper, what the interviewers will be looking for when reviewing your application form and what is being assessed if there is a shortlisting process. Maybe you have a draft application form or CV that you want the coach to work with you on during the coaching session so that you can improve the application you submit. Our interview coach can offer advice and guidance on writing the answers to the competency questions that are part of the application form, to ensure you are highlighting your relevant previous experience as it relates to the role and that you make it through the shortlisting process.

Alternatively, you might want to focus on the interview itself. The coach will help you prepare for interview, working through your main “selling points” and making sure this comes through clearly in the answers to the interview questions. She will work through interview questions and answers and make sure you are clearly able to answer them and to articulate your fit for the role advertised. If a presentation is required as part of the interview process, she can work with you to clarify what you think the interview board are looking for and then work through the presentation approach and content and rehearse the presentation, including anticipating questions that might be asked.

Did you know?

PAI offer all of our courses as In-House programmes. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.

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