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Coaching and Mentoring – Benefits to an Organisation from an L&D Perspective
HR and L&D Masterclass – Q3 2019 – Friday 20 September
Public Affairs Ireland, Dublin 1

On this beautiful sunny morning, Public Affairs Ireland facilitated the first of its HR and L&D Masterclasses. Interest was high and the venue was at capacity with over 50 professionals from Public Sector Organisations registering to attend.

This quarters CPD accredited masterclass focused on ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ and delivering the topic was Adjunct Professor in Trinity College Dublin and consultant trainer for Public Affairs Ireland – Síle O’Donnell. Síle has a wealth of experience in HR in the Public Sector, with over 25 years’ experience of designing and implementing best practice human resource management and employee relations initiatives and policies in the public sector.

Síle discussed the three crucial themes (from the CIPD HR Profession Map) to help people learn and drive organisational performance. One of these crucial themes is Coaching and Mentoring.

“96% of L&D teams view coaching and mentoring as a priority” (research undertaken by CIPD/Towards Maturity)

The three crucial themes include:

  • coaching and mentoring
  • social and collaborative learning
  • digital learning and training delivery

Sharing her expertise on mentoring, Síle outlined the steps involved in implementing a mentoring scheme including:

  • Identifying target mentees and mentors
  • Developing structures and a governance framework
  • Matching mentees and mentors and
  • Evaluating the scheme.

Síle went on to identify the pitfalls of the mentor/mentee relationships and need to establish clear boundaries.

Attendees gathered into groups and discussed their own organisational needs, experiences and what worked/did not work for them.

Wrapping up the event, Sile emphasised the importance of peer learning and joining professional networks, like this one, to share and learn.

Feedback was positive and appreciative.
“Síle is highly knowledgeable and delivered the content clearly and in an easy to understand manner”
“It’s good to gather at these events and talk to people, see what they are doing and what works for them”
“I will definitely attend the next networking event”

Networking can help you meet new people and advance your career.

Register your interest in attending the next HR and L&D Masterclass – for Public Sector Professionals, email using your work email address and we will keep you up-to-date on events in HR and L&D.