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The CSO released its ‘Wholesale Price Index’ today for the month and year to September 2010.


In September the price index for export sales remained unchanged while the index for domestic sales increased by 0.5 percent compared to August 2010. In the year to September 2010, there was no change in the index for export sales while there was an increase of 1.7 percent in respect of the price index for domestic sales.


Contributing to the annual change were increases in ‘Diary Products’ by 10.3 percent; ‘Computer, electronic and optical products’ by 8.7 percent; and ‘Other Food’ products including ‘Bread and confectionary’ at 7.2 percent. Decreases in the price index were seen in ‘Basic pharmaceutical products and preparations’ by 11.4 percent and ‘Beverages’ by 5 percent.  


An analysis of wholesale price changes by sector of use indicates that:


In ‘Building and Construction’ all material prices increased by 4.1 percent in the year since September 2009. However, in September 2010 all material prices decreased by 0.1 percent in that month.


The price of ‘Energy products’ increased by 5.4 percent in the year since September 2009, while ‘Petroleum fuels’, a category which excludes electricity, increased by 17.5 percent.