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The Tánaiste stated that the public sector wide moratorium on filling vacancies was in order to bring overall public service pay costs to a sustainable level but the Government had already made a number of significant exceptions in relation to the staffing of schools. In particular the moratorium did not affect the filling of principal and deputy principal posts.

She continued that in general the moratorium will continue to apply as the position whereby over 50 percent of all teachers have promotion allowances is simply not sustainable. However, secondary schools will now be able to apply to have one assistant principal post of responsibility filled per one hundred registered students.

In filling these promotion posts the procedure agreed at the Teacher Conciliation Council (TCC) will be used. There are five criteria for selection: seniority; knowledge, understanding and capacity to meet the needs of the job; capacity to contribute to the overall development of the school; interpersonal and communication skills; and capacity to contribute to the overall organisation and management of the school.

The post of responsibility of assistant principal has a pay rate of €8,520 per annum. This is paid in addition to teacher salary and other allowances.