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An Implementation Body will be given a role in driving forward the process of change and ensuring that any difficulties which may be encountered are resolved in a fair and speedy manner. Senior management across the entire Public Service will be instructed to accord the highest possible priority to implementing the agreement.  Substantial preparatory work has already taken place across the Public Service and progress on detailed implementation plans will be reviewed by the Implementation Body in due course. 

There will be a particular focus on the scope for realising efficiencies through the redeployment of personnel to more urgent priorities, in line with the terms of the agreement. The savings generated by these changes will provide the basis for the review of pay levels set to take place in Spring 2011.  

The Government will shortly announce the membership of a new Public Service Board, with a majority of members from outside the Public Service, which will advise the Government on opportunities and priorities for transformation and efficiency, and on the capacity of the Public Service to lead change and to deliver a high standard of performance.  This will inform the approach of the Government and Public Service management to the transformation process over the period ahead.

In order to strengthen the capacity to lead change and deliver efficiencies as rapidly as possible, a number of senior appointments (including a Chief Information Officer (CIO)) will be made to bring greater expertise to the leadership of change in the critical areas of e-government, shared services and public procurement.

To underline the commitment to appointing the best people available from within or outside the Public Service to senior positions, the Top Level Appointments Committee will be reconstituted with more outside members.