Workplace Communications

Lack of good communication and individual assertiveness are major contributors to a poor workplace environment. These communication issues can lead to employee under-performance and to poor customer relations.

This seminar is designed for anyone who wants to overcome these issues, to build confidence and to improve their ability to deal with others in the workplace. The seminar is tailored to encourage participants to develop their communication style into a productive, positive and direct manner.

Delegates will learn to develop the confidence and techniques to be assertive and confident in workplace situations that can often be stressful and can sometimes involve confrontation.

Customer Service is 1 of 17 behavioural competencies in the PMDS competency framework in the Group and Interpersonal Effectiveness Cluster – as such this seminar will be of practical benefit to people working in Government Departments, State Agencies, local government, education and the health sectors.

It will not only assist in positive communication with colleagues but will also result in better employee performance and the development of a key skill in delivering good customer service.