Course Outline

Applying for and winning grants from Irish Government Agencies and the European Union is the lifeblood of many entities in both the commercial and not-for-profit sector in Ireland. Organisations that apply for and receive grants enter a range of commitments and obligations that, if not responsibly
managed, could critically hinder the organisation in achieving its goals, and in a worst-case scenario putthe survival of the organisation in doubt.

This three-day training course provides a governance and financial management toolkit that ensures attendees leave with the practical knowledge and skills to win grant aid, then effectively manage the drawdown, spending and controlling of the monies received.

It helps organisations put in place proper arrangements for ensuring the funding received is used for the purposes intended by the funding
agency, and that proper records and reporting structures are maintained.

Programme Review:

Day 1:
Sourcing Grant Funding

Day 2:
Contractual and Regulatory Requirements

Day 3:
Further issues surrounding the management of Grant Funding.


The cost for this 3-day course is €1495 per person.

If you would like to have this course run inhouse for your organisation, the cost per person would be reduced. Email for further information.