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Certificate in Policy Development, Legislative Drafting and Delivery

The Grand Canal Hotel | Zoom D04 X5X7

The development of public policy is a key responsibility of the Government and remains a key focus for all public servants. In recent years, policy development has embraced new more inclusive approaches, with an increased emphasis on consultation with key stakeholders and some internet based consultation processes for draft legislation. With the introduction of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), policy development has become a more focused and effective process.

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PAI’s Certificate in Leadership – Three Day Blended Programme

The Grand Canal Hotel | Zoom D04 X5X7

It is often said that good leaders are made and not born, and that leadership skills are acquired through identifying your own leader styles and adapting them to the situation and people involved in your workplace. PAI's certificate awarded course will allow attendees to identify and improve their leadership style.

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PAI’s Certificate in HR Management – 3 day blended programme

The Grand Canal Hotel | Zoom D04 X5X7

PAI’s certificate in HR management is designed for HR professionals and people managers to develop their knowledge and skills to deliver results through people in their organisations. The environment in which public sector HR professionals and people managers operate is complex and constantly changing. The demands on HR have increased in this changing environment of hybrid working and increasing talent shortages. And the environment continues to change, in areas such as employment law and codes of practice.

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