Public Affairs Ireland are dedicated to delivering top-quality training for our customers. To do this, we have a number of training options including open training and tailored in-house training. Building on that, we offer a training consultancy service for our members and customers. Rather than a rigid Training Needs Analysis, this service works in a much more fluid and reciprocal way. PAI’s Relationship Manager, Liz Kearney, builds these relationships with member organisations.

PAI’s Relationship Manager and Consultancy Coordinator

Liz Keanrey, PAI's consultancy expert and Relationship Manager.PAI’s Relationship Manager, Liz Kearney, is the port of call for many of the HR professionals in organisations that avail of our training. Liz is on-hand to discuss your organisation’s or team’s training needs, and the options that are available to you based on this analysis. More informal than a strict Training Needs Analysis, Liz will develop and maintains these relationships to ensure that when and if a relevant event is coming up, you can be one of the first to know.

Liz is a professional trainer and a qualified business coach specialising in well-being in the workplace. She has worked with Aware for the last 4 years delivering programmes on stress, anxiety and depression. She is a Qualified Financial Adviser and an accredited DiSC psychometric practitioner.

Therefore, she can approach the consultancy meetings with a unique vantage point – that of both an experienced trainer and as a part of PAI.

To contact Liz, you can call us on (01) 819 8500 or email her.