At Public Affairs Ireland, we can now help you build your CPD record through our CPD Certification service. By attending our events, workshops and activities, you will receive formal CPD certificates.

CPD not only helps you to improve your knowledge, skills and expertise in the workplace to achieve your career goals, but it also demonstrates your real commitment to lifelong learning and development.

At PAI we recommend learners achieve an annual goal of 15 CPD points, which is the equivalent of three days training on any combination of workshops, conferences, seminars and member events.


What is CPD? 

CPD is “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner’s working life”.


CPD at Public Affairs Ireland

Based on our extensive research into the organisational benefits of a structured CPD programme, the following guidelines offer a suggested Code of Practice in regulating CPD requirements. At PAI we believe that CPD offers an established structure of learning suitable for all professionals. Keeping your CPD requirements up to date ensures practitioners remain current in their field and ensures performance standards and competencies are maintained in your organisation.

In line with offering a transparent and accountable approach to lifelong learning, Public Affairs Ireland’s CPD programme provides recommendations towards regulating learning and development structures for Civil Service, Public Sector and Public Affairs professionals. Our approach to lifelong learning ensures organisations comply with a best practice approaches to learning initiatives in an accountable and open environment.


CPD and You: The Individual Learner

Education, Training and Learning is a lifelong process and Professional Development offers a means to structure and frame your continuing education, focusing on both organisational and individual career development. CPD is often supported by a profession or an organisations strategic goals, but at its core the benefits lie with the individual learner both in developing personal skills and maintaining current knowledge in your field of expertise.

Maintaining your knowledge, up-skilling and adhering to CPD guidelines is the sole responsibility of each individual learner. PAI encourage our members to become involved and accountable for their own learning and development. Keeping your CPD requirements up to date enables you to become proactive in your learning to enhance your own performance. CPD is essential in keeping your knowledge up to date.



Personal Development and Interpersonal Skills

The development of Personal Development Skills is a core component in CPD and our lifelong approach to education. Personal Development focuses on the individual and allows learners to assess, realise and maximise their learning, workplace and personal potential.

Personal Development is a lifelong process and at PAI we offer a range of programmes to compliment work place learning and instil the concept of personal development into the individual.

We recommend that Core Personal Development Skills account for at least 4 CPD hours a year.



Management Development and Strategic Direction 

Our Management Development, Leadership and Strategic development programmes have been put together based on our extensive experience of developing tailored Leadership, Management and Coaching programmes for the public sector. Our programmes are based on the practical application to train managers from junior to senior levels in established and progressive methods of Leadership delivered by our team of industry professionals.

Our programmes will actively engage with learners to cultivate strong leadership pathways and a culture of performance and coaching among your team, whilst introducing learners to developments in leadership from new learning points and initiatives. At senior management Level our programmes will allow participants to reassess their current leadership style across their organisation and indeed in contributing to the wider culture of their team, embracing leadership and coaching as a means to motive and drive performance.

For the line managers and junior to middle management unique leadership solutions will be offered to provide substantial support to the development of individual leadership styles.



Public Law, Policy and Regulatory Affairs; Human Resource Management; Public Management and Finance.

Specialist knowledge skills will support you in developing and updating your own area of specialisation. From updates and briefings on new legislation to policy changes or best practice in HR procedures our range of specialist programmes will support your continued professional development.


Recommendations and Regulations

We recommend PAI members complete 15 points of CPD-related learning each calendar year to maintain lifelong learning, professional updates and personal development.

We recommend that four points of learning should relate to Personal Development and at least five CPD points to Specialist Knowledge development.


What training meets CPD requirements?

  • Attendance at courses and seminars
  • Online learning
  • Attendance at Conferences
  • In-house training


Points per programme

Half day seminar/ conference:           3 CPD points

Full day workshop/ conference:         5 CPD points

Full CPD Certificate Programmes:    Contact the training department.


If you have any more questions about our CPD Guidelines, contact our Training Manager, Carol.