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Ahead of her upcoming Masterclass with PAI, Georgina Corscadden shares her three top tips for influencing, persuading and engaging with people.


Demonstrate Confidence

In yourself, your expertise and your argument – and be prepared to back it up.

Confidence is the first signal you send to your opponent and research shows that it can affect not only how you feel in a situation, but more importantly how the other side responds to you.

In tests, most people overestimated their ability to win over an opponent that lacked confidence and vice versa. You don’t want to give them a head start. Don’t be arrogant – it raises the porcupine effect.

Be Optimistic

Most people are attracted to optimism. Be a “can-do” person. In your arguments, paint a bright new future and show how to achieve it in practical steps. For those resistant to change, show them the consequences of sticking with the status quo.

Optimists also live 19% longer than pessimists – maybe because they focus on controlling the controllables and not worrying about what they cannot control or even influence. Mark Twain, in Huckleberry Finn, said

“I have been through many traumas in my life and some of them actually happened”.



Be Authentic

People were deemed to be more credible and believable when they met three criteria – authentic, consistent and expert. Work on demonstrating all three. Develop a tool-box that looks and feels natural – Don’t put on a show; people will see it and see through it (and you).

Georgina will deliver a 90 minute Masterclass is PAI’s headquarters in Dublin on Wednesday 28 June. Small groups will work together on building the skills they need to become a more engaging and influential person.

Georgina is an authentic committed leadership and management trainer and executive coach, psychologist and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in developing people and organisations. Her extensive leadership training and coaching experience stretches across both the public and private sectors, working across all Government Departments and some agencies, along with the EU and its institutions. Georgina would be a keen supporter and passionate about the value of the public sector and the valuable contribution it makes. Georgina has a pedigree of Creating and Delivery to ‘Leading Edge’ standards and international management development programmes for senior business and public-sector managers. Her client range is extensive; Facebook Abbott Technologies Global DAA, DFAT (senior women leaders) Siemens, Citibank, European Commission Royal College of Surgeons etc. Her experience, track record, academic grounding and her ethical approach to all her endeavours enable her to work within a wide variety of organisations with success.

For more information about the Masterclass, and to book, click here.

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