Garrett Fennell

Garrett Fennell will chair our upcoming CPD Compliance Conference, taking place on Friday September 28.

The advent of a mandatory CPD requirement for solicitors has been embraced by the profession. While the general CPD requirements tend to be easy to meet through attending lectures on new developments in areas of the law, meaningful compliance with the Management and Professional Development and Regulatory requirements can be more challenging to achieve. All too often practitioners find themselves attending courses in November or December dealing with regulatory or management aspects that are more appropriate to general practitioners in private practice, rather than solicitors working in an in house role, or within the public service. A case of box ticking for the sake of compliance. Sure – you will comply with the mandatory requirements, but at the end of the lecture will you actually have learnt anything that will actually make a difference to your professional development. To address this shortcoming, PAI has developed two CPD events which aim to provide the mandatory CPD requirements in both the Management and Professional Development and Regulatory areas, but does so by addressing subjects that are actually relevant and pertinent to practitioners working in an in house role or in the public sector generally. The first session on 28th September will focus on Protected Disclosures, GDPR and mediation in managing HR cases and investigations in the workplace. The second event on 6th December will also deal with Risk Management, Public Financial Management, Legal Professional Privilege and Leadership in the Public Sector. Both events offer the promising prospect of providing relevant and pertinent CPD material while also ensuring that the mandatory specialist CPD requirements are met.

PAI are delighted to host two CPD compliance conferences.

September 28 : For more information or to book click here

December 6: For more information or to book click here 

Garrett Fennell is a solicitor and a specialist consultant in regulatory and public affairs.

Garrett has advises a large number of public bodies on compliance issues and practices. Garrett is a founding Director of Public Affairs Ireland and leads a specialist regulatory and public policy consultancy, Fennell Public Affairs, in 1997. He formerly worked with the ESB and McCann FitzGerald.