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Data Sharing and Governance Masterclass

This Masterclass will discuss the impact of sharing information and the transparency and awareness of sharing arrangements between public bodies and the importance of consistency of approach and coherence in respect of data sharing across the entire public sector.

Public Sector Accountability Mechanisms and Governance

Public ethics and accountability are essential concepts underpinning an effective and transparent public sector. They refer to the culture, processes, structures and rules that ensure those in public office act in the wider public interest, rather than their own self-interest.

Data Protection and the Law Enforcement Directive

Data subjects have similar rights under the Law Enforcement Directive as they have under the GDPR, such as rights to information, access, rectifying incorrect information, erasure and to be notified of data breaches. However, there is greater scope for these…

Procuring for AI

  Seminar Overview         Learning Outcomes   Audience       Full Course Details Title: Procuring for AI Date: Thursday, May 25th 2023 Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm […]