27 Jun, 2023

Mastering Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

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Captivate your audience with PAI's ultimate training for Powerful Public Speaking. PAI are delighted to announce an extraordinary opportunity for you to enhance your public speaking and presentation skills thought an immersive, live training experience. Get ready to unleash your full potential as a speaker at our highly anticipated Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training Seminar, taking place in person from the Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin 4. Witness powerful presentations in action as our guest speaker, Anthony Garvey (2023 Toastmasters International UK Public Speaking Champion), demonstrates his techniques and shares live examples, allowing you to grasp the subtleties and nuances that make a presentation truly remarkable.  Invest in yourself, amplify your influence, and become a masterful speaker. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting live training experience. 

22 Mar, 2023

What is a Data Subject Access Request.

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What is a Data Subject Access Request

A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a request made by an individual, known as the data subject, to an organisation or data controller to obtain information about what personal data the organization holds about them. This request is made under data protection laws […]

30 Jan, 2023

The importance of Neurodiversity.

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The importance of Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is an important topic in every workplace and equality, diversity and inclusion aren’t going anywhere. In this issue, we talk to our Education and Training Contract Manager, Neil Vago, about his experience as a neurodiverse leader in the workplace.

How does your dyslexia affect the way you […]