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Throughout September Public Affairs Ireland ran a number of courses designed to allow our clients to develop both professionally and personally. September is the ideal time to up-skill and advance in your career and PAI’s events provided attendees with the perfect opportunity to do so! Whether you need to learn new key skills to progress in your role or whether you want a motivational boost, PAI’s range of Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness courses will have something for you. For example, this month PAI ran the following courses …

Cores Skills for Executive Officers: 12/9/18

This course took place on Wednesday 12 September and was led by Sile O’Donnell. It provided Executive Officers with a chance to examine the requirements of their role within their organisation, focusing on people management and the delivery of results. While this course related directly to professionals at an EO level, PAI also run Core Skills courses for Public Servants at HEO and CO levels.

Upcoming Core Skills Courses:

Core Skills for CO’s (Grade 3) 

Core Skills for HEO’s (Grade 7)

The Stress and Conflict Management Programme: 11/9/18 & 12/9/18

Workplace wellness is a topic of discussion which is cropping up more and more. With a growing focus on the importance of work life balance and the negative effects of stress, this course, which was led by Liz Kearney, provided attendees with practical guidance on managing stress and conflict within the workplace. This course ensured that attendees walked away feeling well equipped with new techniques to prosper both professionally and personally.

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One-to-One Interview Training 12/9/18

PAI’s One-to-One Interview training sessions are run by Tina Kinirons, a business psychologist with experience training interviewees and interviewers in the Public Sector. This unique training experience provides participants with one on one attention for a one or two hour period. Participants gain the skills to handle anything and everything that can arise during the interview prep stage and during the actual interview. Most importantly participants get industry relevant advice, enabling them to take a new career path or move up the career ladder.

You can read Tina’s Interview Tip and advice here

Interview Panel Training 19/9/18

While attending an interview is a daunting task, chairing an interview panel is an important role that should be taken seriously. This training session was also led by Tina Kinirons, providing our participants with the necessary skills to be effective and fair interviewers and find the best talent for their organisation. Due to increased demand PAI have scheduled another Interview Panel Training session, you can click here for more information on this event.

HR Management 20/9/18, 21/9/18, 27/9/18

PAI are dedicated to running courses which create more productive workplaces. To establish an efficient workforce a strategic HR Management plan is necessary. PAI’s HR management courses provides HR professionals with important knowledge and new skills in the areas of updated HR policies, changes in employment law, planning, employee engagement and well being.

Project Management 25/9/18- 26/9/18

At some stage in every professionals career, the need will arise to manage a project. Being a project manager is a great responsibility and an opportunity to take on a new challenge and push yourself professionally. PAI’s project management course provides our attendees with new skills that help them to deliver their projects successfully … and not forgetting to deliver the project on time!

Upcoming Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness Training :

Report Writing 8 October

Writing for the Web 9 October 

One-to-One Interview Skills 10 October

Proofreading Made Easy 17 October

Minute-Taking Made Easy 23 October

Dealing with Difficult Customers 24 October 

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