About Reputational Risk Management

The failure to apply effective reputational risk management systems can leave an organisation vulnerable to major crises and possible regulatory investigations. It can be a key business challenge with substantial implications on an organisation’s brand value and revenue.Our half day webinar will provide participants with a thorough understanding of effective reputation risk management by providing insight into which areas of risk will be most crucial for organisations. Attendees will learn what are the current best practices for capturing and managing reputation risk, and which approaches work best. The seminar will also focus on the areas that will require the most attention in the future for better reputation risk management.This training event should be attended by Public Sector professionals working in the areas of corporate governance, boards of governance, regulatory compliance, communications, and people management.

•Defining reputation and reputation risk

•The essential ‘building blocks’ of effective reputation risk management

•Developing an effective issues/risks assessment framework

•Implementing a robust risk response mechanism

•Embedding reputational risk awareness into the day-to-day operations of the business

The seminar is delivered online in a virtual classroom facilitated from our dedicated virtual classroom on Zoom. PAI will provide electronic handouts of trainer slides and supporting learning materials to all participants via email in advance of the training session.

To register your interest in the next cohort of this programme, email info@pai.ie

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