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light lunch.

About our Advanced Expenditure Management

The Certificate in Advanced Public Expenditure Management has been designed in collaboration with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and, as such, leverages significant expertise from within the Department.

The focus of the Certificate in Advanced Public Expenditure Management is to provide an overview of the frameworks and institutions governing the management of public expenditure, and of the procedures that are in place to effect this management.  The programme addressed three main themes;  Expenditure and Financial Management:; Policy Development and Implementation and Communication Skills. These themes are addressed over 13 modules.

All modules are interactive and practical, aimed at challenging participants’ knowledge, whilst building communication skills and effective leadership throughout.

Course Modules

Expenditure and Financial Management:

  • Domestic Framework for Dealing with Taxpayers Money
  • Framing a Budget
  • Pay and Pensions
  • Alternative Service Delivery Mechanisms

Policy Development and Implementation:

  • Delivering Evidence Based Policy in Real Time
  • The State as Shareholder in Semi-State Companies
  • International Constraints – UN/EU Climate Change Commitments

Communication Skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Negotiation Skills
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Shaping Relationships with Departments
  • Advising the Minister

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