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With economic expansion comes the need to, not only attract talent, but also to retain and develop staff. HR practitioners working within the public sector face the same challenges as those in the private sector, but must find innovative solutions beyond traditional extrinsic rewards. This is where psychological safety, a valuable cost-effective resource, comes into play.


Through the promotion of a psychologically safe team climate, organisations within the public sector can:

  1. Bolster problem-solving
  2. Promote team learning
  3. Generate new ideas
  4. Foster open discussions
  5. Support positive relationships between team members


All of the above tap into the intrinsic motivational needs of employees, and have positive benefits for individual well-being and organisational outcomes. Creating a psychologically safe climate is a team effort involving good management practices, organisational support and fostering trusting and respectful relationships within the team.


Would you like to know more about Psychological Safety and how it can benefit your organisation?

A study is currently underway at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, exploring the role of managers in creating psychologically safe climates that foster employee well-being.

We are interested in recruiting organisations within the public sector to participate. Participation is free and organisations will receive an overview of the latest research in this area, a free-of-charge report outlining the findings with tailored recommendations, and the option of a workshop run by Trinity Business School staff.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about what is involved and the benefits for your organisation please contact Jennifer Hynes on or Dr Sarah-Jane Cullinane on for further details.

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