Thursday 11 January 2018

Dave Barry is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPD), and a graduate of University College Cork in HR, and Economics & French. Passionate about Talent Management & Organisational Transformation, and part-time lecturing in UCC on said topics since June 2015, Dave moved on from Trend in October 2016 to actively pursue exciting opportunities specifically focused on these areas. Find out more about Dave here.

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To successfully lead cultural change through Human Resource Management, we must start with three questions:

What cultural change are we strategically-pursuing?

Who do we need to empower the desired change?

How will we know that the change is working?


To answer these questions, and to continually assess the progress of the change, the power of data in joining the dots cannot be underestimated. Right now, HR is predominantly still at the early stages of embracing data analytics.

Let’s break it down, remove the fear, and experience the power.


From a ‘What’ perspective, on what data – including perspective and benchmarking – are we basing the fact that we have a cultural problem or opportunity? Only when this is fully validated should a related organisational strategy follow, via company objectives that are tangible, memorable and measurable.


From a ‘Who’ angle, an end-to-end Talent Management approach is required. Across each of the relevant areas, Employee Attraction, Management, Development, Engagement & Retention, what data do we have that is either helping or compounding the desired change? Based on this data, what initiatives might be required?


Regarding ‘How’ then, what people data will be proactively captured to assess the change? It may surprise you to hear that the collation and interpretation of People Analytics need not to be overly complex or technical.


As appropriate for your organisation, you can join the What, Who & How.

PAI’s Annual HR Conference:
Leadership through challenge and change in the public sector – supporting cultural change with effective Human Resource Management

At the PAI Annual HR Conference in Dublin on Wednesday 31 January, I look forward to sharing further detailed thoughts and case studies with you on the above, and answering some of your most pertinent questions.

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