3 CPD Points

Half day, 9am to 1pm


Tea and Coffee on arrival and at mid-morning break.

About our Plain English workshop

The days of writing in business-speak, Civil Service-ese and ‘posh’ English are gone.

Today, writing is all about communicating as quickly, clearly and concisely as possible. Using plain English, with a professional tone, is the best way to make an impact with all your writing.

Writing in Plain English means writing to ensure all readers will get your message on their first reading; it doesn’t mean dumbing down or appearing unprofessional. However, it always means avoiding unnecessary jargon, buzzwords, repetition, overly-formal language, complex sentence structures, and waffle.

This workshop provides an understanding of the importance of Plain English and how to achieve it, using examples from a variety of documents, intended for a range of audiences.

Learning Outcomes

In taking part in this workshop, attendees will become more familiar with:

  • What plain English is, and why and when it should be used;
  • Quick guide to plain English: easy ways to write clearly and concisely
  • Grammar refresher, including common errors
  • Using punctuation marks correctly
  • Using layout to improve accessibility

Intended Audience

This workshop will benefit anyone who has to prepare written communications, either out-facing or internal, and would like to develop their confidence getting their message across succinctly and professionally, without the fluff.

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