About our Grade 4/5/6 Core Skills Programme

This one-day Executive Officer, Grade 4/5/6 (and equivalent) programme is designed in alignment with grade competencies.

Covering areas of core administration, communication, records management and leadership, this course can help attendees ensure the delivery of organisation goals and effective policy implementation. Team-working scenarios are used throughout the one-day programme to explore all subject areas and reinforce the importance of team-work and positive communication skills in delivering results and developing skills to be effective in the role.

Post-programme reading, suggestions for online follow-up learning and personal development plans will also be recommended.

Pre-training supports
Participants will be asked to complete a pre-programme self-evaluation.

This will enable learners to identify and analyse their own core areas of competence and learning expectations. It will also encourage participants to think about the learning opportunity and how it will benefit them before attending, helping to clarify their own commitment to their role


On successful completion of this module, learners will have a strong understanding of many topics, including:

  • Freedom of information and Data Protection in practice;
  • Best practice tips in Record Management & Communication;
  • Barriers to effective communication;
  • Time and Stress Management;
  • People and Change Management; and
  • Self-development and Self-ownership.

Learning for this programme will be blended. It will consist of a mix of classroom days, theory, and homework, as well as suggested post-training available through PAI’s Moodle platform, which will allow for reflection between classroom days.

Did you know?

PAI offer all of our courses as In-House programmes. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.

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