About our Grade 3 Core Skills Programme

This one-day Clerical Officer/Grade 3 (and equivalent) programme is designed in alignment with CO and grade competencies.

The programme will enable participants to understand their role within their organisation covering core administration, communication and records management skills, to ensure the delivery of department goals and policy implementation. Team-working scenarios will be used throughout the two-day programme to explore all subject areas and demonstrate the importance of team-work and communication skills to deliver results and develop skills to be effective in this grade.

At the end of this programme, learners will have a good understanding of the following core skills, and how to apply them to be an effective at their grade:

  • Government and Civil Service structures;
  • Team-work: how to effectively work with your team members;
  • Effective records and information management;
  • Strategies for the effective delivery of results through planning, time management and problem-solving skills;
  • Customer Service & Communication skills; and
  • Self-Development opportunities

Learning for this programme will be blended, with a mix of classroom days, theory, assignments and suggested post-training supports, which will be available on PAI’s moodle, to allow for reflection between classroom days.

PAI Moodle: To allow for the delivery of an effective blended learning programme, PAI will provide each learner with access to our online Learning Management System, Moodle. All course material will be posted on Moodle for access between classroom days and post-programme learning and support.

This programme takes a practical approach to learning, with attendees developing knowledge of all of the topics through problem-based learning, presentations and group work. Trainers will focus on using relevant, practical training activities to enable participants to achieve the learning objectives, including the following:

  • Case studies;
  • Role-play and group activities/exercises;
  • Presentation and discussion; and
  • A reflective learning project.
Did you know?

PAI offer all of our courses as In-House programmes. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.

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