About our Certificate in Public Procurement

PAI’s 8 day certificate programme provides learners with a comprehensive introduction to Strategic Public Procurement. 

Delivered both live and online to public sector executives seeking to professionalize and enhance their knowledge of procurement law and strategy, our programme highlights the key part this profession plays in driving progress beyond the traditional pillars (value, quality, and transparency) and adopting new pillars such as strategic and green procurement.

  • Understand the key concepts, Principles & Practices of Public Procurement.
  • Identify different procurement methods, stakeholders & legal frameworks.
  • Analyse Breakdown & Examine complex procurement issues and identify possible solutions.
  • Manage compliance, regulation, and efficient delivery of goods and services.
  • Evaluate assess & judge the quality, value & suitability of documents bids, and suppliers.
  • Develop, Create, and design plans, documents, and evaluation criteria.

The intended audience are both public sector employees and employees from the private sector who have or expect to be given responsibility for procurement projects. No previous training or special skills in procurement or finance are required or expected. Managers or supervisors with procurement responsibilities who would like to update their knowledge and skills and achieve a qualification in this area will also benefit. The course focuses on procurement of goods and services including IT and consultancy.

The course offers offers participants valuable opportunities to network with colleagues and our panel of expert speakers while supporting good peer learning from across the public and private sector.

A practical industry ready programme, this certificate programme is always very popular amongst our clients and a great platform for anyone involved in public procurement.

Each participant is assessed on the basis of coursework and a formal examination on the last day. They will be required to demonstrate their uptake of skills and knowledge on all of the course modules. Participants must pass the examination on the last day of the course and complete the course assignments in order to receive their certificate.

Assessment methods will include an assignment, a group presentation and a written exam on the final day of the course.

Learners will receive a Professional Development (CPD) certificate on successful completion of the course including attendance, coursework assessments and the final exam.



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Did you know?

PAI offer all of our courses as In-House programmes. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.

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