Public Affairs Ireland (PAI) was established in 2002. Since then, we have been a leading figure in Training and Development of the public sector. We also offer Bespoke Training, going out to individual organisations, assessing their needs, and creating a made-to-measure training plan. Our wealth of information is shared through our weekly updates, back-issues of our Journal, and our blog, which features article contributions by many of the country’s leading figures in their sector. Every year, PAI also organises and hosts national conferences.

A large part of what PAI does is bring people together. At our training events and conferences, time is always allowed to let our attendees network and to discuss the information they are learning.

Our mission is to foster, encourage and meet the need for a culture of continuous or lifelong learning in the public service in Ireland. PAI works with a public interest philosophy. We understand the constant pressure on public servants to achieve value for money and to become ever-more productive, efficient and effective in their work. It’s our aim to inspire and promote excellence across our customer-base. Transforming public services is an ongoing exercise, which will yield results if accompanied by appropriate and targeted training and other support services.