Managing Sickness Absence

This full day training programme will take a very practical approach to managing sickness absence in the workplace. The content has been designed to provide managers with a clear understanding of how to approach a range of complex issues in a confident yet sensitive manner.

The morning session will cover the relevant legislation which governs the issue of absence in the workplace and will also discuss, through use of case law examples, the way in which this legislation has been interpreted and applied to date. Further to this legal background, the session will be very interactive and discussion will be encouraged. Concerns surrounding more sensitive matters such as absence due to mental illness, stress and pregnancy related issues will be covered. Subjects to be covered include how to take a proactive approach in dealing with absence and how to effectively facilitate a return-to-work reintegration plan. The afternoon sessions will raise the important issue of Data Protection in sharing sensitive personal information with staff when managing the impact of absence on others and will go on to discuss the concept of “reasonable accommodation” of disability.

A section has been allocated for the participation of guest speakers as requested, following these guest speakers we suggest a discussion of example scenarios so delegates can apply the lessons they have learnt throughout the day. These example scenarios will assist participants in developing and understanding a list of actions that they can and cannot take in a range of different situations. Finally we have included a short section of the role of representative bodies so as managers are informed and confident in the decisions they make and understand the necessary communication that must surround these decisions. The running order of this day is open to restructuring as your training department deems necessary – for example if your guest speakers wish to participate at an earlier or later stage.