About our Certificate in Corporate Governance

The aim of this course is to provide grounding on the principles of good public sector corporate governance. These relate to transparency, accountability, responsibility, leadership, integrity and commitment. Given the commitment in Transforming Public Services to a more integrated and cohesive public service and a new Senior Public Service (SPS), the programme will elaborate on these principles, assess their importance in public sector organisations, and examine how the proposed changes are likely to affect governance arrangements.

Formal training programmes in Corporate Governance are needed to provide a learning structure within which attendees learn to develop a “healthy” understanding of good corporate governance practice.

The aim of this course is to equip those involved in public sector bodies with a clear understanding of corporate governance in a public sector context. This includes the management of the relationships between central departments and other public bodies as well as central tenets of good corporate governance that apply regardless of whether an organisation is publicly or privately owned.

Did you know?

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