About our People Management Skills Training

The current economic climate means that public servants are constantly being asked to do more with less. Often it falls on the manager to make up for limited resources. It can often be difficult to find the time to devote to people management. People management is an on-going activity that can motivate personnel and encourage better performance. Strong people management skills are essential to ensure that you get the best from yourself and those on your team.Public Affairs Ireland has organised this seminar to address some key aspects of people management, with a particular focus on practical guidelines. By attending this seminar, delegates will learn the practical skills required for managing a team and improving the quality of employee performance.You will learn how to improve your communication skills and how to put these to good use in managing employees. You will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that modern managers need. These skills and practical methods will help delegates communicate effectively, manage staff and deal with others in a confident manner. Delegation skills and how best to empower employees will also be covered.In addition, this seminar will give attendees the opportunity to practice and develop their coaching techniques as a management style.

Attendees at this seminar will understand:

  • What people management is about
  • How to manage performance throughout the year
  • Techniques to help improve communications
  • How to delegate and empower employees
  • How to motivate team members, learning about different motivation techniques
  • How to use the coaching techniques of questioning, active listening and feedback to guide team members’ work
  • Practical hints and tips and guidelines for managing people.

This seminar will be highly interactive and practical, and will include many hints and tips that you can take away and use within your organisation. This seminar will give you the tools, skills and confidence needed to coach employees. Whether you’re an experienced or novice manager, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to use them immediately to further your employees’ development.

This seminar is appropriate for those who want to re-fresh, refine or advance their people management skills. It is suitable for those involved in supervising, developing and motivating personnel who are looking to increase their awareness of management techniques and want to drive continuous performance improvement.This seminar will help you to manage your team more effectively and improve your dealings with team members.

Did you know?

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