About our ‘How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis’ Programme

The Learning and Development Framework for the Civil Service recommends that organisations conduct rigorous analysis to identify the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attributes that are needed to deliver on business objectives for their organisation -and to ensure that training provided is aligned with the overall business needs and future development of the organisation.An organisation is built on its staff and so it is essential to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills to successfully complete their tasks and contribute toward the overall organisational goals.
This seminar has been designed to assist training and learning professionals in taking in a systematic and practical approach to identifying the training needs of the individual and of the organisation. This seminar comes at a pivotal time in the public sector where many members of staff will need training and up skilling. However, it is important that a training needs analysis is carried out first to ensure the right training is provided for the right people. info@publicaffairsireland.comT: 01-8198500F: 01-8944733publicaffairsireland.com
This session will provide you with a practical guide to identifying training needs. It includes a variety of procedures used to assess these needs, along with practical examples and guidelines included throughout. This seminar will be highly interactive and practical, and will include many hints and tips that you can take away and use within your organisation.

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