2-Hour Online Workshop

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves’ (Galileo)


About this Workshop

This interactive and practical 2 hour online training workshop focuses on the core knowledge and skills you need to be an effective facilitator. Effective facilitation skills can be used to powerful effect in a wide range of organisational processes and settings including – stakeholder consultation and engagement workshops, strategic planning workshops, and leadership and management of complex groups and meetings.


Who will this programme benefit?

This programme will be particularly useful for HR managers, employee relations managers and change agents. It will also be useful for managers and leaders who are responsible for leading and facilitating complex groups and projects.


What is covered in the programme?

The programme will focus on the following:

  • The skills and qualities required to be an effective facilitator
  • Understanding group behaviour and dynamics
  • The nature and impact of unconscious bias
  • Designing different types of facilitation events
  • A case study – planning an effective facilitation event



Our Trainer

Sile O Donnell is a HR and OD Consultant, a Training Associate with PAI, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in organisational behaviour, HRM and organisation development in Trinity College Dublin. She has 27 years’ experience of designing, facilitating and implementing best practice change management, HR and organisational strategies in the public sector. Prior to setting up her own consultancy business, she was head of Organisation Development in the HSE. Sile has vast experience in facilitating the work and development of teams and organisations. Through her expertise as a facilitator, she has facilitated the development of organisational strategies, HR strategies, leadership teams, and complex change programmes across many public sector organisations.