About our Building High Performance Teams training

There is a difference between a group of colleagues and a team. When it comes to teams, and teamwork, there are fundamental principles that should be applied. When applied correctly, teams can have a positive impact on the performance of an organisation as a whole. Conversely, there are also common obstacles that prevent teams from reaching their full potential. By learning how to build, and manage, a team that can work across projects, over even across Departments, managers can deliver productivity while maintaining good employee morale.

Through recommended readings and interactive classroom simulations, this workshop brings attendees through the fundamentals of team-building, and how to overcome common obstacles. Attendees will be asked to reflect upon their role as team members and team leaders in both formally- and informally-organised groups. They will also learn about their own leadership role in practicing mutual accountability and to challenging ‘groupthink’.

Did you know?

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