PAI run a series of courses tailored to those within managerial and leadership roles. These courses will provide attendees with effective leadership abilities and techniques, allowing delegates to manage successful, productive and prosperous organisations.

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Certificate in Change Management

Change management is one of the most important areas a manager must excel in to be successful in the Public Sector. With the ever-changing environment around you, you must be able to effectively manage time and resources in order to allow change to happen fluidly. This workshop provides you with the skills you need to do this.

ILM Certificate in Leadership

This course provides a learning structure within which you develop an understanding of the principles of leadership and identify areas in which you need to concentrate your development efforts to be an excellent leaders and managers. Public Affairs Ireland has specially developed this type of course for the Irish public service.

Certificate in Project Management

At some stage in your career, it is likely that you will be given a project to manage. This can seem like a big task, but it is completely achievable, no matter what stage of your career you’re at. This full-day seminar is an interactive and dynamic training course that mixes lectures, practical exercises and real-world examples.

Interview Skills for Interview Board Members

Specifically aimed at interview board members, this seminar will give you the tools, skills and confidence needed to carry out interviews. The CPSA Code of Practice requires that interviewers fully understand their role, and have the necessary skills to fulfil their responsibilities. PAI has developed this seminar in response.

Building High Performance Teams

Teams that work well together produce better work in a more efficient and successful way. Being a part of a team improves employee morale and workplace environment. This workshop guides attendees through the skills needed to mentor a team that work well together, and deliver high-class results.

Facilitation Skills

Poorly-run meetings can be a waste of time and resources and can lead to frustration for those involved. However, hosting and presenting a meeting that delivers on its objectives is a skill that can be learned. Our 1-day Facilitation Skills programme ensures our participants get the most out of every meeting.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Developing your own emotional intelligence and learning to harness it can help you and your team achieve the best possible results in all of their projects. It can also lead to better morale within the team. This workshop helps attendees maximise their emotional intelligence to yield the best results.

Managing, Motivating and Coaching Staff

Coaching has become one of the buzzwords around management. In times where change is a naturally occurring thing in organisations it is important for the success of this change that managers coach their staff on these adjustments. This workshop will outline the different methods and the benefits involved with coaching.

Team and People Management

With the on-going developments to the PMDS system, and the continued challenge for managers to achieve more with less, the issue of under-performance (and the law underpinning it) is one that is subject to regular and extensive change. This workshop will give an overview of the law that covers employee underperformance and any developments in either the law or best practice in handling this sensitive issue.