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Georgina Corscadden

Public service covers the full spectrum of jobs and careers with many  public servants effecting real outcomes and results. The Public sector changes peoples lives.

What Millennials want is purpose and what about others, do we care about building relationships, meaning, impact, legacy and growth? Do we have a sense of purpose? Do we need to have leaders and managers within the public sector to give real freedom and professional autonomy to achieve things, to develop and deliver projects?

The purpose and values within the public sector connect to a noble cause, supporting a pivotal area of society to underpin strong foundations of government. The intention is to further enhance leadership within the public sector in a period of change and restructuring. Leadership is a complex interaction between people and environments that emerges through social systems.  Leadership development represents a dynamic process involving multiple interactions that persist over time. It involves the development and application of a variety of skills and is shaped by factors such as relationships with others and increasing self-awareness.

Leadership has always been more difficult in challenging times, but the unique stressors facing public sector organisations today call for a renewed focus on what constitutes genuine leadership. Such challenges have precipitated a renewed focus on restoring confidence, building resilience; enhancing self-awareness; and relating sincerely to all stakeholders.  Public sector organisations need a cadre of leaders who lead with purpose, values, and integrity; leaders who build enduring organisations, and leaders who motivate their employees to deliver superior service and create long-term value.

Georgina Corscadden will discuss Leadership in the Public Sector at PAI’s upcoming CPD Compliance Conference on Thursday 6 December. Click here for more information on this key public sector event.






Georgina Corscadden is a dedicated and committed Master Coach, Mentor, Master Trainer, Psychologist and Facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in developing people and organisations.   Her expertise, track record, academic grounding and ethical approach to all her endeavours enable her to work within a wide variety of organisations with success.

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