Title: Ireland and the EU – Engaging with the European Union

Time: 09:30 am – 1:00 pm

CPD: 3.5 CPD hours

Method of Delivery: Online


Seminar Overview

An effective European Union is essential for us to achieve our goals, both at home and on the international stage. Ireland works through the EU to make an impact in international affairs that affect Ireland and by engaging on the full range of policy priorities in the Union to ensure that Ireland’s interests are being taken into consideration.

Our Ministers, government officials and elected representatives at the European Parliament and the Oireachtas are involved in representing Ireland and our interests in the EU.

They work primarily through the EU’s Institutions to raise Ireland’s concerns with our partners and to influence EU policy.


The aim of this seminar is to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding for delegates on the composition and dimensions of the European Union, including the various institutions that make up the EU framework. It will also discuss what is involved in the decision making and legislative process and also what work is carried out by the European Commission in Brussels, it being the Executive of the European Union.


The seminar will then focus specifically on Ireland’s relationship with the EU in terms of implementing EU directives, regulations and decisions and identify Ireland’s representation in the form of MEPs who represent Ireland’s interests.

It will also outline the importance of maintaining contact with the EU by means of EU Information offices and liaising with relevant EU officials to keep abreast of updates and information that may influence or affect Ireland’s relationship with the European Union.



Learning Outcomes

Delegates will gain a clear understanding of the following upon attendance

  • The Creation of the EU
  • Who are the member States of the EU
  • What are the dimensions of the EU? (Schengen and Euro Areas)
  • The compositions of the EU – Institutions of the EU
  • EU and Legislative Decision Making
  • European Commission at Work
  • Ireland and the EU
  • The Importance of Maintaining Contact with the EU


Who Should Attend?

Public and civil service professionals seconded to temporary posts around Europe will benefit from this seminar in terms of gaining a full and comprehensive overview of the makeup and workings of the EU, both from a policy making and legislative perspective but also from a relationship and international perspective. 



Course Tutor

Tom Ferris is an independent consultant economist specialising in Public Sector Governance, Better Regulation and Transport Economics. He was Senior Economist in the Department of Transport until February 2006. Since then, he has undertaken consultancy projects for the World Bank, the OECD and a number of private sector companies. He is an occasional lecturer in public sector economics at University College Galway, University College Cork, and Public Affairs Ireland. He writes regularly for Public Affairs Ireland. He holds a Masters degree in economics from University College Dublin and a Fellowship from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.



How to Book

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