HRM Supports: Family Leave Workshop: Exploring Existing Legislation, Entitlements And Best Practice In The Workplac

With a substantial body of research demonstrating the business, economic and societal benefits of gender balance in the workplace, there is an increasing focus on the need to look at ways to attract, engage and retain women, and support them to progress their careers into leadership roles.

A key area of focus is the point at which employees start a family and the early parenting years. There is an existing complex legislative landscape in the time between experience during pregnancy, maternity leave and/or return to the workplace with a body of existing legislation in place and a number of changes being proposed, including the government’s proposal to extend the period where mothers can avail of breastfeeding breaks from the current six months up to a period of two years.

This one day workshop will explore existing legislation in terms of family leave entitlements, what new proposals are being sought and how workplaces can be ready for these. It will also outline how to deal with an application for leave and subsequently, the reintegration into the workplace and the transition back to work. It will examine best practice and will look at how employers and HR staff can approach this career phase from a proactive and protective prospective.

  • Updated legislation in terms of family leave entitlements
  • Practical and best practice advice for both employees and HR managers
  • Dealing with an application for leave
  • Workplace Reintegration and Transition

This update seminar will be of interest to women in the workplace to inform themselves of their current entitlements under the Maternity Protection Act and what new legislation is being proposed.

It will also benefit all employees to inform themselves of current family leave entitlements.

This seminar will be of particular interest and relevance to HR directors and HR managers and will also be of interest to senior leaders and managers who have a role in championing HR and cultural change.

Title: HRM Supports: Family Leave Workshop: Exploring Existing Legislation and Best Practice in the Workplace
CPD: 4-6 CPD Hours
Method of Delivery
: Online

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