Relationship Building and Effective Communications using DiSC© Workshop

With 40 years of proven reliability DiSC© still remains one of the most trusted learning instruments in the training industry. This one day programme built on DiSC© Profiling, offers you an in-depth understanding of your own behavioural preferences and inclinations and greater awareness and insight into the personalities of others in your world.

This course will help you

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Understand and value the differences in the people around you
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Deal more effectively with conflict
  • Improve communications
  • Improve performance and productivity.

The DiSC© profiling tool will enable you to understand your own style of behaviour and how others experience and perceive that behaviour. It will help you understand why people behave as they do thus encouraging you to appreciate the diversity in individual personalities and the dynamics that occur in teams. It offers a non-judgemental language for discussing behavioural differences and helps to increase empathy and compassion for the perspectives and struggles of others. Once we understand the styles of other people we can adapt our communication accordingly enabling us to build stronger relationships and avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

As part of the programme you will be asked in advance to complete a DiSC© personal profile online. These will be used in the programme to help you gain many insights centred on your relationships and style of communication in the workplace. You will learn how to ‘flex’ your own style and understand the different motivations and priorities of those around you. Working with a team of people with differing styles is also explored as one of the subject areas.

After the programme you will be given access to ‘myeverythingDiSC©’ platform which will assist you apply your learning when you return to the office.

Workshop Content

Participants will be asked to take the DiSC© profile online in advance of the workshop. This allows you to become familiar with your behavioral style so that learning activities on the programme will be at a deeper level of clarity and understanding.

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