About our Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

The public sector must constantly be frugal, but highly-productive. This can often increase the demands of individual people. For those in management positions, it is important to understand how you can make the best of your workforce.

One of the most successful solutions to these challenges can be found in the disciplines of Lean Six Sigma/Operational Excellence. Lean Six Sigma is a management strategy tool that can improve an organisation’s output by looking its processes and minimising inefficiencies. At the core of this approach is the idea that all processes can be:

Measured – to identify areas for improvement.

Analysed – to establish the causes of change and variation within processes.

Improved – tools from Lean Sigma can be used to make improvements.

Case-studies show dramatic increases in service quality and employee satisfaction along with a reduction in costs in many organisations. This is done by applying the disciplines of Lean Six Sigma/Operational Excellence to simplify their processes and get rid of large amounts of non-value adding activities that get in the way of employees giving great service.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, attendees will have a solid understanding of the principles and tools of Lean Six Sigma methodology. They will also have hands-on experience in how to effectively apply it. Attendees will feel confident in their understanding of Lean Six Sigma. They will have a range of tools and techniques to identify and eliminate waste in their own workplace.

Discussion Topics

This course will look at Lean Six Sigma in the context of the Public Sector, and cover


This course is of most use to those responsible for driving organisational change, and who wish to gain an understanding of a management tool that is used by some of the world’s largest companies and government departments. It is suitable for those with no prior experience of Lean Six Sigma, or those who need a refresher session.


This course is accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM). Attendees will receive an ICM continuing professional development (CPD) certificate on successful completion of the course, including a single assignment to be completed after the taught aspect of the course has ended.

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