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Tea and Coffee on arrival and at mid-morning break;
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About our Data Protection for Law Enforcement Course

There is growing focus and sense of urgency around the GDPR. But for those of us involved in law enforcement functions, there is an equally important change arriving in May 2018 with the Data Protection Directive for Law Enforcement. This will apply to organisations who have a law enforcement function in the context of that law enforcement function, in addition to the core GDPR.

As such, it is important for organisations who have a law enforcement function to understand both GDPR and the DP Directive for Law Enforcement, as well as the importance of the context of the processing of data as to which set of principles should apply. This course examines the overlap and differences in content, context, and principles between the GDPR and the Directive, as well as considering the draft enabling legislation for the Directive in the context of recent CJEU rulings.

As for who is a Law Enforcement Agency, examples would include:

  • Gardai
  • Military Police
  • Revenue (investigations section)
  • DSP (Investigations section)
  • Local Authorities (litter wardens, planning enforcement etc.)
  • ODCE
  • DPC


This course is endorsed by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM). Attendees will receive an ICM continuing professional development (CPD) certificate on successful completion of the course, including a single assignment to be completed after the taught aspect of the course has ended.

Daragh O'Brien leads PAI's Data Protection training. Castlebridge Associates.Daragh O’Brien has almost seventeen years’ experience in Data Quality and Data Governance roles across a variety of industries. He spent a number of years in roles with operational responsibility for Single View of Customer strategy and regulatory governance in the telecommunications sector.  He is a strong strategic thinker, with a focus on improving how people in organisations can use data and information more effectively to improve the bottom line, society, and personal satisfaction. Daragh has contributed to Irish Government policy development on data protection and data governance, and freedom of information. He is also a regular media commentator in Ireland and internationally on data management related issues.

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