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Key Changes in Employment Law 2024

PAI Online Zoom

This update webinar will outline all recent developments that both employers and employees should be aware of regarding current employment legislation and protection in the workplace and how it applies to them.

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FOI for Decision Makers and Internal Reviewers

PAI Online Zoom

The course equips FOI Decision Makers and Internal Reviewers with the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to take a pragmatic approach and focus on practical FOI tasks using the relevant law and guidelines. Participants get the opportunity to share their own experiences and get a valuable insight into issues highlighted by an expert in the field, as well as an understanding of best practice.

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Certificate in Freedom of Information – Two Day Online Course

PAI Online Zoom

This online course provides an introduction to, and grounding in, the main aspects of the legislation as well as the grounds for non-disclosure.

As well as sharing an FOI body practitioner’s experience, it will include a case study in how to apply the Act in a practical context, and take a look at the role of the Information Commissioner and the courts on appeal. It is designed to be a practical and focused course for any public servant involved in the provision of information to the public.

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