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In 2015, PAI partnered with Castlebridge Associates, an expert consultancy group for data privacy and informational management.


In early May 2018, our highly-rated trainers, Daragh O’Brien and Katherine O’Keefe, released a key reference book, Ethical Data and Information Management: Concepts, Tools and Methods. The book,

“offers a practical guide for people in organizations who are tasked with implementing information management projects. It sets out, in a clear and structured way, the fundamentals of ethics, and provides practical and pragmatic methods for organizations to embed ethical principles and practices into their management and governance of information …

[It] is an important book addressing a topic high on the information management agenda. Key coverage includes how to build ethical checks and balances into data governance decision making; using quality management methods to assess and evaluate the ethical nature of processing during design; change methods to communicate ethical values; how to avoid common problems that affect ethical action; and how to make the business case for ethical behaviours.”


Aimed at “information managers and data scientists”, the book delves into the way we can use data to improve our lives while maintaining a high standard of privacy and care for personal data. This includes a chapter on data analytics and its seeming struggle with ethics. Of-the-moment topics, such as the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, are also explored from an ethics standpoint.


The book not only examines the theoretical issues of ethics and use of data, but discusses measurable systems for ensuring that the ideals are maintained in practice. This includes data governance, and physical architecture for the management of information.


Finally, the authors provide advice on making the shift to “ethical information management”.


As the introduction to the book notes,

“We live in interesting times”.

O’Brien and O’Keefe’s book is an important tool to navigating through this rapid development of information management.


The book was published by Kogan Pages Publishing, and is available here.

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