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Collaborating in Remote Teams

Build a highly cooperative and successful team with this 1-day online workshop.

A workshop divided into 4 online sessions which are delivered over the course of a single day.
Pre Work: Complete the MBTI Questionnaire.

Most people think the way they do things is the best way to operate and hence struggle to understand why everyone doesn’t approach things in the same way as they do. Of course, its all a function of individual personality and as we know, each person has their own way of functioning.

Course Outline
This 1 day online programme has been specifically designed with existing intact teams in mind. The aim of the online workshop is to explore the effects of personality on team collaboration in a virtual working context. It equips participants with the awareness, knowledge and skills to collaborate effectively and form team synergies while working remotely.

The programme is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is a psychometric tool which enhances self-awareness of team members and provides a framework for understanding individual and collective behaviour.

The shift from the office to remote working has provided both opportunities and challenges and there is no one size fits all in terms of how people are adapting to the new format.

Through the lens of MBTI this programme aims to help individuals understand their needs, preferences and reactions to the working from home protocol. A key element of the design of this programme is exploring how individual preferences impact the performance of the team as a collective and identifying practical strategies that can be applied to enhance team performance.

The workshop is designed to create a safe learning environment where team members can step back from their everyday roles and reflect on how their personality preferences connect to the team effort.

“It’s a lively day with plenty of interaction between facilitator and team participants.”

Each team member will undertake the MBTI personality type indicator and this tool will be used throughout the session to explore personality and team dynamics to increase communication and team collaboration.

MBTI focuses on four critical themes:-

Myer Brigges MBTI

Learning Outcomes:

• Each team member will identify their own preferences and MBTI profile
• Participants will explore their level of comfort working in isolation – heaven or hell?
• Practical exercises will highlight how the preferences play out in scenario playing
• Participants will identify how similar or different they are and the consequences that arise from the distribution.
• What should team Stop, Start or Continue?
• How does the team leader’s type influence the team dynamic?
• How can the team apply the learning to their everyday functioning ?
• Action Planning

The learning is achieved through an interactive virtual classroom simulations that provide the participants with a safe environment to try and test learning while closely replicating typical organisational scenarios. The learning outcomes will also require the participants to reflect upon their role as team members in formally organised groups as well as informally organised groups. The participants will be also enabled to recognise their leadership role in practicing mutual accountability, to challenge groupthink, and develop interdepartmental influencing skills.


Build a highly cooperative and successful team with this 1-day online workshop. It promises to be a lively day with plenty of interaction between facilitator and team participants.


Course delivery

This 1-day course is run ‘in-house’ and online for your team. It can be run at any time suitable to your organisation’s needs. The interactive nature of this workshop brings collaboration and human interaction back to the online learning environment. This type of shared/collaborative learning results in the development of team member’s’ oral communication, self-management and leadership skills. It also gives a boost to team member’s’ self esteem through group interaction and through higher-level thinking.


Our Trainer

Our Trainer is a driven professional with 20 years’ experience in the People Development arena working across public, private and voluntary sectors.  She has exemplary learning and development credentials offering a proven track record of success in the design and delivery of engaging learning programmes. Her specialisms include soft-skill training, personality profiling workshops, leadership development, organisational effectiveness, building high performance teams, managing virtual teams, managing change and creating enabling organisational cultures.

She has worked with Public Affairs Ireland for over ten years and is the programme designed and leader for the ILM accredited Leadership in the Public Sector Programme. As a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner she runs personality profiling workshops to raise individual self-awareness and enhance team collaboration. Ashley  attended Yale School of Management, New Haven, Connecticut, where she studied the management of virtual teams and the behavioural science of management. The insights gained have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to support people now working in virtual environments.

Our trainer regularly designs bespoke programmes to address specific client needs across the Public Sector.

She holds an M.Sc in Management from Trinity College and is a HETAC qualified Master Trainer. She has practitioner qualifications in MBTI (step 1 & 2) and  Blanchard Situational Leadership. She has lectured in leadership at MBA level for the past ten years at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.



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Tailored Training 

All of our open programmes can also be run on an in-house basis. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.