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Our Climate – Taking Action series will ensure our clients are kept up to date on the latest insights, trends, case studies, and solutions for professionals across the Irish Public Sector for 2022 and beyond. Each individual half day seminar will offer participants the opportunity to build on their knowledge and understanding of key challenges facing the public sector in achieving governments climate commitments.

Each seminar will have a key theme under the universal focus of positive climate action. These individual sessions will also address various other national economic challenges and examine how they interplay with other corporate mandates and the government EU climate commitments.

PAI are also aware of the benefits a cross sectoral collaboration can yield in delivering a unified corporate effort to drive down Ireland’s carbon footprint and achieve net zero by 2050. Through these seminars we will facilitate a forum of innovation, providing a platform for open and engaged discussion with other sustainability stakeholders across a range of industry nationwide. PAI will provide articles and insights from our seminar speakers and offer participants the opportunity to embed key learning outcomes through topic relevant quizzes and attain their CPD certificate of participation.

This series of seminars will welcome a range of key industry professionals and experts leading the way in terms of governance standards & regulation, policy change & implementation, sustainable planning and development, recruitment & resources and effective sustainability communication.

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